7 Awesome Terrarium Styles That Will Liven Up Your Home Wonderfully

by Candyse

You may have notice that terrarium styles have been gaining popularity for quite some time now and it’s easy to see why, they just look simply gorgeous. This little mini garden is perfect to liven up your home so read on to get some awesome ideas.

1. Kettle Terrarium

Don’t throw away that old glass kettle yet! Use it to make this cute little terrarium that will add a fun and playful vibe to your home with its quirky shape.


2. Rhombus Terrarium

Geometrical shapes are great for making a unique terrarium for your home. If it’s big enough, you can even grow some beautiful flowers to make your terrarium even lovelier.


3. Bulb Terrarium

This is a really cute and creative idea to make a terrarium in bulb shaped containers! Liven up your home with this miniature gardens that are both fascinating and beautiful in a nicely shaped lightbulb to make your home more warm and welcoming.


4. Hanging Terrarium

Add some new life into your home with this adorable terrarium that is hanging from a nice little perch. You can put a personal touch in your terrarium by placing some cute figurines inside as well.


5. Floating Terrarium

Many terrarium styles out there use soil as its base but you can even create your own one using water and floating plants. Place it in a glass cup and get creative with your mini floating plants.


6. Wine Glass Terrarium

Make your own unique terrarium with an old wine glass that you don’t use anymore and watch as Mother Nature transform it into something beautiful. You can even use sand and stones to create a miniature little beach style garden.


7. Jar Terrarium

You may have noticed this but basically, any glass receptacle you have can be transformed into your own little terrarium as long as you get creative. This unused glass jar is given a new lease of life with some beautiful plants and a mini garden is created.


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