7 Beautiful Upcycling Projects For Perfect Mother’s Day Presents!

by Adeline

Mother’s Day is coming up and it’s time to pamper and shower your mum with extra love! Instead of buying gifts from the shops, make a gift (or a few) on your own. She’ll appreciate the effort put in and even more if it helps decorate or organize the house. Here are some of the DIY and upcycling projects to create the perfect gift for mothers!

1. DIY Jewellery Organizer (Upcycling Projects)

Instead of getting the usual jewellery organizers in the market, make her one yourself. She’ll love it even more because it’s made by you and it’s one of a kind. All you need are some plywood and sturdy sticks. it’s so easy to make. Check out the tutorial here. The handmade, personal touches are always the best and they mean so much to the receiver of the gift.

2. Handmade Milk and Honey soap (Upcycling Projects)

If you need a last-minute gift for your mum, make her some handmade milk and honey soap. It’ll also smell good in bathrooms and even in the wardrobe. Honey is known for its moisturizing, soothing and antibacterial properties. Combined with milk, the soap bar will be rich in Vitamin B and antioxidants. Get the 10-minute tutorial here.

3. Painted Mason Jar Vases

If crafts just aren’t your thing, try painting some mason jars and sticking in some beautiful flowers in it to present to your mum. Gestures don’t need to be grand because it’s the thought that counts. Besides, the mason jars can be reused to house more flowers in the future. It’ll look good as a table centrepiece too!

4. Glass vase centrepiece

If you still want to use the drill, you can DIY another glass vase centrepiece for her. All you need is a couple of pine or whitewood board, a strong glue and a good drill. Also, you may need to collect soda bottles for this. Get the plans and tutorial here.

5. Decorative Wine Corks

If mummy loves her wine too, make her some decorative wine corks stoppers! All you need is just some decorative knobs and wine corks. It’ll be so pretty your mum couldn’t even wait to host some guests just to show it off. The tutorial is just a click away.

6. Photo board of memories

This will be perfect to be hung in the living room. With this board, mums get to clip up pictures of family and friends for all to see! All you need are some nails, yarns, strings and wooden clothes pegs. See the tutorial here.

7. Floral Herbal Tea

Finally, for Mother’s Day, mums just want to spend time with their kids. Put away your gadgets and to-do-lists and spend time with her. Both of you can enjoy a cup of floral herbal tea together. There are many recipes online but as a recommendation use roses, chamomile, lavender and mint leaves to make a luxurious tea experience to pamper her!

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