7 Creative Ways To Repurpose Your Old Candle Jars for a Brand New Look

by Candyse

Most of us have a scented candle or two or maybe more lying around the house that we probably finished but since the container is so handy, we keep it just in case. Instead of letting it gather dust there, why not turn it into something useful for your home? Here are some really cool ideas to get started.

1. Storage Containers

That lovely candle didn’t come cheap and you want to make the most out of your purchase. You can easily turn those empty candle jars into storage containers for various items such as this brilliant idea of storing your toiletries in the bathroom.


2. Mini Planter

Candle jars are usually made out of glass and are actually ideal for turning into some planters for your home. You can fit a mini terrarium in there or a tiny succulent to freshen up your home and give it a breath of fresh air.


3. Cute Oil Lamp

Who says your candle jars can’t give you any more light even when its empty? You can repurpose them and make them into some gorgeous oil lamps with just a few simple steps. Remember to keep an eye on those lamps when burning.


4. Window Art

If you are a candle enthusiast then over the years, you have probably amassed a large collection of candle jars that are just waiting to be reused. You can make them into quirky window art at home by displaying them near your window and arrnaging them according to your fancy. Put a little tealight inside for maximum effect at night.


5. Matchstick Container

Having a matchbox container isn’t so stylish so you should definitely turn a candle jar into a matchbox. For an even more convenient idea, stick a strike strip on the jar for easy sparking.


6. Pedestal Jar

Elevate your candle jar to the next level by placing it on a pedestal so that you can have some lofty storage. It will make an ideal place to store some makeup essentials and look pretty while doing so.


7. Desk Organiser

Repurpose your empty candle jar to make it into a storage container for your desk. It will keep your desktop neat and organised while making it look pretty.


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