7 Ingenious Ways to Reuse Industrial Pipes in Your Home Decor

by Candyse

Old plumbing and pipes are stuff that can be easily gotten as they are hanging around the house just waiting to be dumped, especially after you have done a big renovation project and have replaced the old piping. Don’t throw it away just yet, because we’ve got some great ideas on how to reuse those pipes for your house.

1. Hanging Rail

Reusing old pipes are actually a very clever and cheap way to add some industrial flair to your home. One of the ways you can upcycle an old pipe is to use it as a neat rail to hang stuff like your wall art or even photo frames. It looks really good and won’t cost you a bomb.


2. Hanging Planters

Do you have some plants hanging around that need a new home? Well, then it’s time to take out those old pipes you have hanging around the house to make some cool new planters out of drainage pipes. Hang them on the side of a gate or shed to dress it up.


3. Industrial Table

Nothing says hipster more than making your very own table out of industrial pipes which will look both cool and stylish. It’s really simple because what you need to do is use the pipes as the legs of the table and then give it a fresh new coat of colour for a refreshed look.


4. Glowing Lights

There are so many different kinds of pipes out there that can be reused and throwing them away seems to be quite a waste. For this creative idea, you need some PVC pipes which will be transformed into lights that will illuminate your home. Make it look prettier by cutting out some cool designs on the pipes.


5. Book Storage Rack

Store your books within easy reach by making a nice book rack out of some old PVC pipes. You can paint them in any colour you like to make it look fancy.


6. Toilet Paper Holder

Transform your bathroom into a cool industrial style by making even the toilet holder out of some sturdy industrial pipes. Not only will it look unique but will be sure to impress your guests.


7. Pipe Lamp

Crafting your own lamp is no longer a pipe dream with some gorgeous old industrial pipes that will do just the trick. It can be painted a nice gorgeous bronze colour and a simple naked bulb would make it look understated but stylish.


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