7 Simple Ways To Bring the Tropical Vibes Home

by Adeline

A quick look for a tropical and beachy theme will result in two things. One, to get the right vibe as accurately as possible, pastel colours work best. Two, green plants can help complete the look and feel. Once that’s all sorted, we can start visualizing and get decorating your own tropical vibes home.

1. Install bamboo shades over the windows

When we stay in a seaside resort, one of the features that stand out in the room is the wooden furniture. While changing every furniture in the house to a wooden one is costly, installing bamboo shades to windows helps create the illusion of a sunny and breezy weather.

Bamboo shades


2. Decorate the house using seashells

A friend of mine added small seashells to her bathroom floor and walls. Instead of compacting the shells altogether, the shells were spaced out a little with a light brown and grainy surface. The grainy surface gave a sandy feel and look in the shower corner. The best part is the graininess acts as a non-slip grip.

If renovating the floors isn’t possible, use seashells as decorations around the house. The shells can be glued to the corners of mirrors, piled inside glass jars or just as a display on its own.

Display your collection of shells


3. Get inspiration from the blue of the ocean

As mentioned, pastel colour works best especially colours close to the blue of the ocean such as cerulean. Having ocean blue mosaic on the floor or walls of a small section of the house works well. Too much of the blue mosaics can be jarring.

Ocean blue tiles

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If adding mosaics to the house décor isn’t feasible, repainting furniture works just as well. Taking inspiration from Mamma Mia sets and the famous domes in Santorini, you can paint the chair or the door frame in bright blue hues. Another option is to buy blue cushion or pillow covers.

Blue paint

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4. Add green plants

Even if you did none of the suggestions above, adding a healthy green plant breathes life into the room. For a seaside resort vibe, use palm leaves or shade-tolerant plants such as the Philippine evergreen shown below (aglaonema commutatum)

Green plants

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5. Use reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood gives a driftwood-look and the illusion of wear-and-tear common in beachside properties and furniture. It could also be used as an accent wall by using Reclaimed Wood Paneling – lighter colors will work best for the tropical look. You can also use it in the coffee table in the living room, bathroom cabinets, or dining chairs.

As always, we don’t need to make a major overhaul. A small wooden décor such as a soap dish on the sink works as well.

Reclaimed wood decor

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6. Add bohemian rug

Everyone needs a rug somewhere in the house, especially near the bathroom. Experiment by placing bohemian rugs, which also gives a pop of colour and cheeriness to your humble abode.

Bohemian rug with reclaimed wood cabinet


7. Look for off-white curtains

If the suggestions above seem overwhelming, the simplest option is to just change the curtains. Look for off-white curtains and if it has some texture to it, it creates an even better tropical ambience.


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8. Get windchimes

The calm tunes from windchimes set a relaxed atmosphere, a reminiscent of enjoying the light sea breeze. Hang one or two made out of seashells or sea glass where the wind blows before kicking back and relaxing. The sea glass can also act as sun catcher, creating colourful shadows.


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