7 Surprising Ways To Use Ladders In Your Home

by Adeline

“Say what?”

“Ladders are ugly though.”

I didn’t believe it could either but as I found out, there are various types of ladders. Prettier ladders. And like all DIY gurus say, if it isn’t nice, repaint it! Dazzle it! (No, they did not say that.)

So, what can ladders do for the house?

1. Display towels or extra blankets

Hanging towels or extra blankets on ladder rungs save space in the wardrobe and bathroom. The ladder can be fastened to the wall for balance or hung with a wide-enough gap in between the wall and rungs. Folded towels on flat rungs give off the hotel vibe.

Hang towels or extra blankets


2. As a multi-purpose shelf

Ladders with flat steps instead of rungs can be used to hold smaller home decors such as indoor plants. It can also be converted into a bookshelf. Ladders with rungs can be used as a unique magazine rack.

Hang magazines


3. As a shoe rack

Instead of leaving everyday shoes and slippers all over the front door, place them on a ladder for easy access.

Experiment with different ladders

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4. Hang kitchen utensils

A ladder paired with an S-hook can transform itself into a convenient kitchen storing method. Hang kitchen utensils that are used frequently such as your favourite frying pan.

Place S-hooks on the rungs and you’re all set


5. Make a baby or toddler wardrobe

Depending on the width of the gap between the rungs, there should be enough space for baby or toddler-sized clothes. Remember to make sure the ladder is fastened securely before fully utilizing the DIY clothes rack.

Wardrobe for kids


6. As a party table that stands out

Insert wooden planks on a step ladder and you have a flat surface to place all the party drinks and food. Self-service made simple.

Drinks at a party


7. Hang or hold accessories and make-up

This one is for the girls (and guys) with an overflowing dressing table. Keep the table but move some of the items to the ladder, which can act as a shelf at the side. Dazzle it up with fairy lights and you have your own diva corner.

A ladder with flat steps can hold extra makeup and accessories


Pitch, finished!

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