7 Unique Materials That Can Be Turned Into Amazing Wall Art!

by Adeline

Posters and paintings can cost a lot but there is a way to decorate your walls without shelling out lots of cash. You can save much more money just by making it yourself! To fill up your bare walls, check out these 7 materials that can be upcycled into magnificent wall art.

1. Old skis

Take after Tony Hawk’s remodelled ski retreat by lining your walls with old, unused skis. Have the skis against a bold backdrop so it stands out even more. The skis can be staggered to look like mountains outside the window.

2. Rolled magazine pages

All you have to do is to glue rolled magazine pages onto a stencil that you like. The parts that stick out from the stencil can always be trimmed later. Once the stencil is trimmed, it can be mounted on a board and hung up like an art piece from the shops. Check out this tutorial to find out how you can make beautiful art by reusing magazine pages.

3. Wooden planks as wainscoting

If you have old wooden planks lying around, see if they can be used to create rustic wainscoting on your walls. It doesn’t have to cover the whole room. Even a small section of wainscoting will light up the space.

4. Floorboards into shelves

If for some reason you have floorboards that aren’t on the floor, see if you can turn them into floating shelves and style it up with pretty shelf brackets. No one will be wiser if you paint the floorboards into interesting shades. They’ll probably think it’s a shelf from Ikea!

5. The bow of canoe as a bookshelf

Chop a wooden canoe in half and you have yourself a unique bookcase. It will definitely be the focal point at home when visitors come over. It can even be turned into a nice cupboard for kids if it’s low enough.

6. Pretty scarves

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Sometimes scarves have beautiful patterns and motifs on them so it’ll be a waste not to hang it up if it’s not worn often. The scarves can be just hung up on its own using starch glue or be wrapped around a rectangular board to create the illusion of it being an art piece.

7. Old window into a photo frame

Old window frames that are already sectioned can serve as new photo frames. The old window can be repainted or just left as it is for a used and dated look. To get the pictures to stay, use Scotch tape to hold it to the sides of the frame. Check out a mama’s tutorial here.

Feature images from Pinterest, Brit+Co and I Am Momma Hear Me Roar

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