8 Amazing Ways That Make Magazine Holders Great Organizers

by Adeline

Magazine holders make great organizers for the whole house! It’s not only to hold papers and magazines but it can also be used to store a variety of household items. Magazine holders are also made out of different materials, making it easy to mix and match the home decor.

Check out the other uses below!

1. To organize fruits and vegetables

If fruit bowls take up too much space, stack them in magazine holders that are made out of wire mesh! It’ll look like you have fresh produce from the market. Wire mesh also makes it easy to clean.

2. Create neat storage in the fridge

Magazine holders are great for storing bulk items such as vegetables, small medicine packs or condiments in the fridge. It makes looking for those tiny little items easier in the fridge and looks less messy.

3. Extra cabinet space

To create extra cabinet storage, stick one side of the magazine holder to the door of the cabinet with a strong adhesive. You can also stick the holder underneath cabinets to store cooking ingredients that are frequently used. It clears up the kitchen counter space and makes accessing the cooking ingredients easier and neater. Other items that can be stored are oven gloves, keys or canned food.

4. Store toilet rolls

If there’s no space to store the whole pack of toilet rolls, place some in the magazine holder and place it in the bathroom. You don’t need to run for tissues or holler from the bathroom anymore!

5. Organize hair styling tools

Loose hair styling tools can create a mess and take up a lot of space due to loose wires. Organize them by arranging it all in magazine holders. The holder can be stuck against the wall or table.

6. Desk organization

Instead of purchasing paper trays or small shelves, stack and glue two magazine holder horizontally. The right-angle of the magazine holders fit nicely in corners of the table. You can slide in papers or tiny décor into the magazine holders.

7. Floating bookshelf

To make floating bookshelves, drill magazine holders horizontally on the wall. You don’t get to stack many books but it’s perfect if you just want something small. It’s best if the magazine holder is made out of sturdy material instead of the usual cardboard types.

8. Organize slippers and sandals

This nifty solution let you store slippers and sandals in your room or by the main door. Just slide in your slippers, sandals and even ballet flats and place the magazine holder against a wall or under the study desk in the room.

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