8 Awesome Swimming Pools That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

by Candyse

Now, not every one of us is fortunate enough to have a home that is big enough to accommodate a swimming pool because even a small one needs a certain amount of space. However, it doesn’t hurt to take a look and keep these ideas in mind. So, let us now check out some of the most impressive swimming pools out there!

1. Mini Jacuzzi in Pool

This charming and gorgeous bungalow has spacious enough backyard for a lovely garden and a moderately sized pool that is just nice for pool parties and barbeques. For days when you want to luxuriate in the pool, there is a built-in mini jacuzzi for you to relax in.


2. Narrow Pool

This modern-looking backyard isn’t the biggest but it is cozy enough to have some sleek outdoor furniture complete with a little narrow pool. The pool may not be the one you need to complete your daily exercise but it is perfect for cooling off on hot days.


3. Spa Pool

Break away from the traditional rectangle and use other shapes such as this nice circle. Utilizing some useful spa features in the pool, it also comes with a gorgeous cascading water feature to make it look more elegant.


4. Cascading Jacuzzi

Bored of the usual pool designs you see out there? Then this outstanding pool and jacuzzi design is sure to be right up your alley. The jacuzzi is set above the curvy pool and any overflow from the jacuzzi will flow down to the pool below so you have a water feature there as well.


5. Guitar-shaped Pool

A great idea for music lovers, this quirky pool will definitely be a source of inspiration if you want to create music or just show the world how big of a fan you are. The funky shape also adds personality to your home.


6. Infinity Pool

How can we miss out the beautiful infinity pool in our list? This gorgeous negative-edge pool design is a great favorite, especially because it allows you to enjoy a picturesque view of the surroundings.


7. Plunge Pool

If you don’t have enough space for a bigger pool but are still hankering for one, then think of depth instead of width. This means that you should go with the plunge pool which doesn’t take up much space.


8. Irregularly-shaped Pool

You don’t have to conform to the usual geometric shapes and can design your own special shape if you wish to do so. Not only does this pool look unique, the stylish water feature makes it look even more charming.