8 Decorating Styles To Follow From A Bohemian Home

by Adeline

Liz Kamarul and her husband come from artistic backgrounds and have been based in Portland, Oregon for years before deciding to sell off everything they own and travel in an RV. Along their journey, they stopped by New Orleans, LA and fell in love with the city’s beauty.

Living in an RV for some time made them realize that they don’t need that much in life to be happy. As such, when they settled in New Orleans most of their home décor are from thrift stores and are only purchased if it brings them joy.

Here are some of the décor inspirations from their colourful home!

1. Upgraded the look of the kitchen bar

They used vintage rugs to cover the front of the bar. The patterns of the rugs draw attention from guests and make it the focal point in the house. For a moment, it looks like tiles instead of rugs!

2. Utilizing the art of hanging

In the kitchen, they stylistically arranged the mugs and plates on floating shelves. Some of the mugs are hung up to save space. Also on the shelves are decorative items such as photo frames and woven items.

In the bedroom, the photo frames are arranged in an upwards and stacking style. They are also cleverly arranged to cover both walls, giving the pictures some flow and motion from any angle.

The couple even stores their shoes on the wall racks beside their bed. The shoes are organized by colour.

3. Dressing up the wall with wallpaper

Since they can’t repaint a rented property, they used peel and stick wallpaper in their office or workspace. The wallpapers are easily peeled off when they are ready to move.

4. Plants in corners

The couple has a few potted plants and a hanging plant around the house. They also house the plants in pretty weave baskets instead of the usual pots.

5. A play with patterns

While mixing patterns can be risky, the couple managed to mix theirs with success. Their colourful sofas match with their rugs and dining chairs.

6. Not afraid of being quirky and playful

They placed a neon fake flame on the sealed fireplace just for laughs. The couple even has a neon cactus on the wall and placed a basket with a living plant in front of it to make it look real.

7. Upcycled their sofa

They got the sofa for free from a guy who was giving it away at a staging consultation. All they did to make the sofa their own was to reupholster the cushions and added wood panels on the sides.

8. Unique light fixtures

Whether it’s the bedroom or the living room, they have interesting and unique light fixtures such as a U-drop light fixture. In the bedroom, they have lamps hanging from chains as their bedside table lights.

Images from Design Sponge

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