8 Perfect Photo Frames to Display Your Memories

by Candyse

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that explains why we love to snap photos wherever we go because we want to memorialise the day’s events. But these memories should be displayed proudly in your home and in the perfect photo frames so that you can always look back on a particular day and reminisce about those days. Here are some great ideas how to display your photos.

1.  Gallery Wall Frames

If you have amassed too many photos and want to show them proudly on your wall then displaying them in a gallery style will work wonders. Use gold frames instead to make it look more glamorous and classy.


2. Rustic Photo Frame

With just twigs and some twine, you can create this gorgeous rustic photo frame to proudly show off your child’s artwork or memorable photos. It also makes for a perfect weekend activity when you have nothing to do and suits a home that has a more relaxed vibe.


3. Metal Photo Frames

Incorporating shiny metal frames into your home makes for a nice touch to make your living room look more elegant, especially when you pair them with some simple furniture. Buying them in a uniform size and arranging them neatly looks more streamlined as well.


4. Creative Wire Photo Frame

Repurpose an old photo frame by painting it in your favourite colour and attaching some wire instead of a cork board at the back. Then, just clip the photos you want on the wire, in any way and style you like.


5. Lampshade Frame

A totally innovative new idea to display your photos is to print them out and make a unique lampshade with it. Simply buy a rounded rod and hang your preferred photos on it and attached it to your lamp for a look that will surely make a statement.


6. Repurposed Window Pane

If your home has a rustic vibe then you should consider upcycling an old wooden window pane to be used as a photo frame. You will be surprised how unique it can look.


7. Wood and Wire Frame

This is another DIY project that you can do over the weekend or when you have just a few hours. All you need are a few planks of wood and several nails which you will hammer into the wood at both ends. String a piece of twine across the nails and clip your photos on the twine.


8. Round Photo Frame

Add a little bit of the vintage glam and glitz with this gorgeous antique jewelled photo frame. Incorporating this into your home will instantly transform it to look more sophisticated.


If you want to find more ideas on photo frames, check out here. 

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