8 Simple and Creative Methods to Keep Your Wires Looking Neat

by Candyse

Having electrical items around the house is a given and this leads to many unsightly wires and cords lying around that is an eyesore. Keeping them organised can be a pain but don’t worry because we’ve got you covered with some nifty tricks to organise those ugly wires.

1. Toilet Roll Organiser

This is a really simple and easy DIY project that you can do in a matter of minutes plus it’s really cheap too. Just collect a few empty toilet rolls and decorate or label the outside in any pattern you fancy, curl your cords up and insert. It will keep those wires looking perfectly neat in no time.


2. Bread Tags Labels

Having many wires is a necessary evil and sometimes you will get confused when figuring out which wire belongs to which device. Solve this easily with some bread tags that you get from buying loaves and just make a simple note to on the tag, loop it around the wire and you’ll never suffer another mix up again.


3. Shoe Box Charging Station

Get one of those empty shoe boxes that you have lying around to make an easy charging station. Simply make some holes on the side of the box, put a power strip inside and you’re good to go.


4. Box Organiser

Grab a box to store all your wires and cords but keep it neat by making little cubby holes for each individual wire. Make sure you label the sections clearly and put the correct wire into the compartment.


5. Washi Tape Labels

Washi tapes comes in many beautiful patterns and is highly versatile. Make use of it to label your individual cables so that you never grab the wrong cord again.


6. Use a Shoe Organiser

A perfectly simple way to store your messy cords is to use a hanging shoe organiser that will save you space and keeps these unsightly wires neatly. Just make sure that you label which compartment is for which wire so you’ll never get confused again.


7. Binder Clips

Utilise your stationery for some other purpose such as keeping your messy wires neat and organised for an inexpensive way to rein in that clutter. There are so many different sizes you can buy for various lengths of cords.


8. Plastic Boxes

If you have a lot of heavy duty cables that are infrequently used then it’s best to invest in a few plastic boxes to store those wires. Organise them into the boxes and make sure to stack them up neatly.


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