9 Affordable Ways to Make Your Home Decor Look Luxuriously Expensive

by Candyse

What do you do if you are on budget but yet you want your home to look grand and beautiful? Well, you don’t have to worry because we are here to help you. You don’t have to break the bank to transform your home into a haven of luxury with these awesome affordable ways.

1. Change the Outdated Fixture

By just updating one major fixture in your home such as the chandelier instead of the entire room, you will find that the ambience of the whole room will instantly be transformed. Other things you can change include the tables or chairs for an easy upgrade.


2. Stick to A Colour Palette

Have you noticed that high-end homes usually feature a cohesive colour palette throughout the whole house? A great tip is to use a neutral colour palette for expensive items such as the floor and walls and you can add personal touches using inexpensive items.


3. Keep Things Minimal

Minimalism is a trend and keeping your things clean and neat has never been more fashionable. Instead of cluttering up your home with expensive items, keep only the basics for an airier, bigger and much more stylish home.


4. Go for Gold

Shiny metallics are an awesome way to instantly turn your home into something that looks like a million bucks especially if you choose it well. You can use other types of metals such as brass and silver if gold is not your cup of tea to make it look more luxe.


5. Hang Your Curtains High

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to hang your curtains at a low height which makes it look cramped and cluttered. By installing it near your ceiling even inexpensive curtains will look glam in the room.


6. Add Crown Moldings

Crown moldings come in many colours and materials which can be rather affordable depending on what you choose. However, it is essential in making your home look more luxurious as it finishes the look and brings the ceilings and walls together.


7. Frame Your Mirrors

If you have frameless mirrors in your home then you need to upgrade them now by framing them in cool, inexpensive frames to instantly make your home look grand and elegant. This will ensure your home looks expensive without shelling big bucks.


8. Use Unique Hardware

A really simple way to make your home into a high-end abode is just to replace the hardware which are relatively inexpensive. Look for unique, heavy and ornate looking pieces that will immediately make your furniture look classy.


9. Use Plush Textures

Plush and soft textures can really elevate the elegance and luxe factor of your home so make sure that you layer a few of these in your home. Faux fur and fluffy throws are affordable ways to add some soft furnishings.


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