9 Amazing Napkin Rings You Can Use for A Lovely Dining Table

by Candyse

One of the easiest way to jazz up your dining table is to adorn your cloth napkins with some stylish napkin rings to make them look like a place setting right out of a magazine. It’s so easy to dress up your napkins to make a beautiful table that will wow your guests.

1. Artificial Branches

Bet that you never thought those faux tree branches that come on your Christmas tree or any other fake plant would come in handy as a napkin ring one day. It adds a lush nature feel to your table and adding some shiny baubles makes it look extra festive.


2. Glittery Tinsel

Since the festive season is coming, you’re bound to have some extra tinsel around the house so put it to good use by making some gorgeous napkin rings with it. Already fabulous enough on its own, adding some extra decor on it will make it look even more outstanding.


3. Cute Pom Poms

Nothing says cutesy and whimsical more than this bobbly pom poms that are bound to to make your dining table look fun and playful. Mix and match a few different colours to really make it pop.


4. Geometrical Gold Rings

This napkin ring may look super fancy and expensive but they’re actually made out of cheap cardboard. Just cut up a piece of cardboard, make it into a shape you like and spray it gold for these elegant napkin rings.


5. Wrapping Bows

You know those little bows that you’ve been saving from those presents that you received over the years? Now’s the time to repurpose them into awesome napkin rings to wow your guests.


6. Sequinned Band

Nothing says glam quite like these glitzy sequins that will dress up any dining table instantly. Use any colour that contrasts well with your cutlery and you’re good to go.


7. Fresh Flowers

Liven up your dining table with some fresh flowers in the form of your napkin ring that looks deceptively deluxe but is actually super easy to make. All you need is some fresh flowers and some twine to wrap your napkin for a stunning napkin ring.


8. Chalkboard Rings

Customise your napkin rings to each individual guest which can double as a place card if you’re having a big party. The chalkboard paint allows you to add a little personal touch on every one of the rings.


9. Beaded Ring

It’s really simple to make this beautiful and artistic napkin ring as you only need some string and beads. String the beads you have chosen and then wrap it around your napkin for the perfect ring.


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