9 Gorgeous Lamp Shades Ideas to Brighten Up Your Home

by Candyse

Lamps are a common item in most households yet they are probably one of the most overlooked item. In fact, they are actually a great way to add a little pizzazz and flair in your home for a little amount of time and money. So, it’s time to light up your home with these cool lamp shades ideas.

1. Floral Lamp Shade

Freshen up your room with a pretty floral lamp shade that will cheer up your space instantly. Pair it with a vase of fresh flowers to make it look even more gorgeous.


2. Ombre Lamp Shade

Now we already know that ombre is a very trendy look that is used practically on anything so why not translate that look on to your lamp shade? Choose a combination of colours you like and transform your bland lamp shade into something wonderful.


3. Chevron Lamp Shade

Chevron patterns are a really classic and timeless pattern so incorporating it on your lamp shade will instantly make it look more interesting. This gold chevron pattern makes the lamp look really elegant.


4. Moustache Lamp Shade

Revive the hipster in you with this cute and funky lamp shade that is an instant attention grabber and will light up your home as well. The simple little moustache there makes it look so much more fun.


5. Minimalist Lamp Shade

It’s super easy to create a minimalist lamp shade as all you have to do is detach the fabric from the frame and reattach the frame back on the lamp. Instantly, you will have a “new” lamp which looks modern and sleek.


6. Faux Flower Lamp Shade

Enhance the romantic vibe of your home with these chic lamp shades that are adorned with some lovely flowers. It is super versatile and can be used to match almost any kind of decor style you have.


7. Glitter Lamp Shade

Although we know that all that glitters isn’t gold, this glittery lamp shade is certainly a golden piece of artwork that is perfect to add some drama in your home. Experiment with different colours for a gorgeous look.


8. Balsa Wood Lamp Shade

Use different coloured strips of balsa wood to turn a boring lamp shade into something beautiful that adds a bit rustic chic vibe to your home. This cool lamp shade is also more durable than the usual fabric ones that is commonly found.


9. Cityscape Lamp Shade

You don’t have to go up a high rise or tall mountain to get a bird’s eye view of your city’s magnificent skyline. Recreate the view on your lamp shade and admire the lights right in your home.


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