9 Incredibly Clever Ways to Use Wooden Pallets to Make Lovely Home Decor

by Candyse

Wooden pallets are often overlooked as trash and may seem to be useless things to have at home. However, it may surprise you to think that these wooden pallets are actually really useful; and can be used to turn into something really awesome for your home. You can start with these ideas.

1. Wooden Pallet Clock

Craft a nifty looking clock with some wooden pallets and you will be the proud possessor of one of the most unique clocks. Decorate it any way you like for a beautiful rustic clock.


2. Mobile Storage Crate

This is a really great idea to reuse your wooden pallets by turning it into a nice little storage crate. You can use it to store anything you want and adding wheels to the crate makes it really convenient too.


3. Wooden Pallet Bookcase

Make your very own DIY bookcase to store your books, decorative items or literally anything else or an awesome looking decor. be creative and decorate the shelves any way you like for the best effect.


4. Wooden Pallet Table

Recycling wood pallets to be used in your home is not only environmentally friendly but can be used to make gorgeous furniture just like this coffee table. Paint it in your favourite colour and it is all ready for your home.


5. Wooden Pallet Headboard

Be quirky and original by transforming wooden pallets into a headboard that looks really cool. It can be used for kid’s bedroom or even create a rustic feel for other bedrooms.


6. Wooden Pallet Storage Rack

Kitchens often need lots of storage space but you can create your own using a couple of pallets to make your own rack. Attach a few bars on the pallet and some hooks to immediately turn it into a functional rack.


7. Wooden Pallet Sofa

You don’t have to go out and invest in an expensive sofa but you can actually make your own. All you need are some wooden pallets that can the base for your sofa, then place some soft and fluffy cushions to turn it into a comfy seating place.


8. Wooden Pallet Mirror

Make this stylishly rustic mirror for your house with a few pieces of wooden pallet that looks really farmhouse chic. with a few additional pieces, you can even add storage for your mirror too.


9. Wooden Pallet Bed

It isn’t necessary to buy a bed frame as long as you have a few wooden pallets lying about. Paint the pallets a nice colour you like then just place the mattress on top of the pallets for a bed that is spacious and functional.


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