9 Ingenious and Creative Ways to Use Corks in Your Home

by Candyse

Drinking wine is fun and taken in moderation, it has even been said to be healthy for you. Of course, you should only drink responsibly! However, what is even more fun is saving the wine corks from the bottle and creating something beautiful from it for your home. Get inspired with these nifty ideas.

1. Cork Vase

If you have a few plain looking vases at home that needs some spicing up then corks are an effective and cheap way of doing so. All you have to do is fit the cork sizes in any pattern you see fit and glue it on the vase for a totally revamped new look.


2. Unique Chandelier

Go for a totally one-of-a-kind chandelier made of repurposed wine corks for a quirky look. Simply string them up in a pattern you like and you can even paint or decorate the corks in a style you fancy for a a whimsical style.


3. Beautiful Corkboard

Instead of shelling out good money for a noteboard, you can make one using an old frame and some wine corks for a cute corkboard. Pin notes, memos, photos or artwork to make it a beautiful display.


4. Creative Bath Mat

Don’t have a bath mat at home to dry those wet feet when you step out of the shower? Just make your own mat with a few wine corks for a pretty and functional bath mat.


5. Cork Backsplash

If you have the time to spare, then this little DIY project is just up your alley. Transform your kitchen’s backsplash into a rustic beauty with wine corks that will make a interesting statement piece.


6. Cork Placemats

Craft a resting place for your food, drinks or any other knickknacks with repurposed wine corks for a quirky placemat. This will ensure that you can protect your surfaces stylishly.


7. 3D Wall Art

Unleash the artist in you by repurposing corks and turning into a work of art that will make a gorgeous statement piece in your home. Painting it with ombre colours is a great idea.


8. Cork Picture Frame

Have a picture frame that is just a little too bland and generic? Then jazz it up with some quirky corks for a totally fresh approach. This can be done to frame artwork or memorable photos.


9. Cork Lampstand

We bet that you have never thought about using those little wine corks to dress up your tall standing lamp. Allow the creative juices to flow through you and transform a formerly generic lamp into something unique with corks glued to the stand. Then you can decorate it any way you like.


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