9 Simply Creative Ways To Use Twine Decor to Beautify Your Home

by Candyse

Twine is a lovely piece of organic material that adds a lovely rustic touch in your home and the best part is, it is available for a very affordable price. It can be used in various aspects of your home for a charming and relaxing environment. Here are some great examples of ways to use twine decor.

1. Twine Bench (Twine Decor)

In your home’s entryway, there is usually a bench for various purposes such as to take off or put on your shoes and this is a perfect place to showcase your twine bench. The beautifully woven top made out of an intricate pattern of twine is bound to attract attention.


2. Twine Room Divider (Twine Decor)

Using twine to create a room divider is a very refreshing idea and can make your home look more warm. It also gives the illusion of privacy yet keeps the space bright and airy.


3. Twine Vase (Twine Decor)

Spice up your vases and pots by adding some gorgeous patterns on it using twine. It is really easy to do and you can do it in any pattern you like.


4. Display Sign

If you have some free time on your hands then you can use it to create a simple and easy sign to display in your home. You can make anything from words to pieces of art to jazz up a bland wall.


5. Lamp Shades

Create your own unique lamp shade with some rolls of twine and unleash your creative juices. It makes your home look rustic, charming and adds a refreshing change.


6. Twine Photo Frame

Bored of the usual photo frames out there? You can create a unique photo frame to display your memories and even use the twine to embellish some patterns on the frame.


7. Twine Mirror

Make a refreshing change to a plain old mirror by working some magic with twine decor. Wove some twine strings around the frame to create a lovely, dramatic appeal to the mirror.


8. Twine Storage Box

You can easily transform a normal cardboard box into something different by wrapping a few pieces of twine around the box as decoration. Mix it with other materials such as fabric for the full makeover.


9. Twine Headboard

Go for the ultimate piece of twine art by creating this chic and pretty headboard that resembles a dream catcher. Use a variety of coloured twines in any pattern you fancy for a headboard that will ensure you have sweet dreams.


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