All White Interior With Amazing House Design Which Will Make You Drool

by Beverly

Picture yourself just bathed in white, and I hope it’s your favourite colour because you’ll be in for a real treat. Feel welcomed, cleansed, and cherished in this harmonious marriage of just white and grey, that comes topped with a sleek, futuristic, space-like ceiling in the living and dining room, and stylish grey wood flooring to match… well, everything else!

This minimalistic but loaded abode uses its blacks very thoughtfully, as it only shows up in some of the deco and in the beautiful lines that flow throughout the home.

There is plenty of storage and space hidden away from view, putting clutter and bulk out of sight and offering surprises beneath each panel, nook, and cranny. A great example of this is the kitchen and adjoined balcony neatly tucked away by what looks like a simple cupboard door or section of wall.

A not pictured but very notable feature is the walk-in closet located in the master bedroom, which even has its own private bathroom. The one other bedroom has a much smaller closet and separate bathroom but enjoys being just next to the study room.

And you can literally have your very own stairway to heaven inside this very own home.

Pictures taken from Interior decorating ideas pro

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