Amazing Small Apartment Design Which Will Meld Your Heart

by Beverly

Small does not mean you can’t enhance your home in a big way.

A modest studio apartment that equips with the essentials of a living, kitchen, dining, sleeping area, and a bathroom interchanges into a laundry room only to be separated by concrete walls.

All three apartment have something in common other than them being miniature, is that it would fit 2 people just fine with maybe a baby but on the up side, you do not have to walk too far from each furniture. The perfect size for laziness.

Apartment 03:


This modern and minimal abode is anything but impressive. With interesting choices of wallpaper on the floors and ceiling made to be an illusion of wooden paneling. White exposed brick walls on one side and dull grey walls on the other creates an intriguing balance along with simple furniture. An extended balcony room for air and sunlight becomes an exception to this humble abode.

Credits to Interior decorating ideas pro

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