Amazing White Colour Theme House Design That Will Blow Your Mind

by Beverly

The simple, just tones of white, black, and brown make raising a family or living with others in this 4-bedroom wonder less stressful than it ever needs to be.

Living Space + Dining Space + Kitchen

Here in one large open room, are the living spaces, dining, and kitchen. One function leads into another, and the clever arrangement and organization of simple shapes and plain colors breathe nothing but calmness and simplicity into your life.

The Bathroom

Equipped with a modern, square toilet to contrast with the oblong bathtub. this ultra-simple set-up truly leaves little for the mind to wander, ensuring you get the job done quickly and/or are allowed to zone out and wash away the day’s events in a space where even time will leave you alone for a while.

The Bedrooms

The master gets its own conjoined bathroom, accompanied by two smaller rooms for the kids (or other), and backed up by a guest or extra bedroom set to a colour scheme identical to the master bedroom. Whites and pastels give youth with a playful pop of yellow, while the other smaller bedroom gets a very cool space theme with matching bed design. Less becomes more with the continued smart use of space and arrangement.

Darker colors and the one-color use of brown suggest maturity and are ideal for the more serious person. Quality rules over quantity here as one can easily get their rest and will have little to no trouble maintaining sleep hygiene.

Pictures taken from Interior decorating ideas pro

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