Redesign your kids bedroom in 4 simple steps

by HDM Editor Team

Everyone, be it adult or teenager or child, spend half of a day in his or her bedroom. However, a child’s room is first painted when they are just a baby. As they grow up, they might decide they don’t like their room anymore. If this happens then you might want to consider building a better bedroom for your kids. You can personalize the design, according to their genders and characteristics, or make it as general as it can suit both genders.

1. Ask your kids

Bedroom design, nonetheless, will play a big part in their growth development. It is best to ensure that the bedroom design is what your kids have dreamt of. Involve them in the particular discussion so that you could get the right key to do the right design.

2. His or her favorite color

Usually the color palette for boys is black, blue and brown while for girls is pink, orange, and red. The monochromatic design could be unisex but it might be dull for your teenage kids. They are in the growing stage and the playful color could enhance their imagination and cheer their mood. Kid’s bedroom could be in monochromatic approach but highlighted with few bright and sharp accessorizes, for example bed sheet and curtain.

3. His or her hobbies

It is wonderful to set a theme for your kid’s bedroom. For instance, your baby girl’s bedroom is her castle so that you should treat her as a princess. On the other hand, your brave boy would want to be a soldier and therefore a cool military bedroom design would fit his heart. All these depend on how well you understand and communicate with your kids. You might not want to make it too fancy because they would be adult someday in the same room, same house. Instead, stick a few hero posters or make use of floral wallpaper could simply make up the overall feeling too.

4. His or her spaces

Other than the visualization, you must take care of the functional arrangement too. Bookcase is a necessity for them to put their storybooks and textbooks. A cabinet with mirror could be what your lovely little girl wants. In the meanwhile, you should buy a big shelves or storage box below the bed to collect your boy’s gaming device or toy collections. To keep everything in neat and organized manner, you could not emphasize on the exterior design only.

A kid’s bedroom consist of a bed, a study table, a book shelve and a cabinet. You can arrange them in a simple way or make a good effort so that it could be a fun playground too. The most important is that you have to bring up the coziness and comfort to a maximum extent.