Beautiful Small Apartment For Inspiring Fashion Lovers

by Beverly

If you are fashion forward or just any individual that has immense passion for fashion then this apartment is the one you are looking for.

Equip with the essentials, bedroom, bathroom, living, dining, kitchen, and not forgetting the walk in closet even though your bedroom already has an in built closet. You could never have too much space for your clothes.


Bold and wide matte black entrance door is presented when you walk out or into your residence. Once entering, greeted by the hanging cloths rack by the door and a drawers beside it that could be replaced by a the closet if you choose not to use it.


Simple minimalist bedroom with soothing colors of black, white, and beige pink. A unique furniture options with a large fashion backdrop to inspire you.


Key features on the bathroom are the black pattern tiles randomly place on the walls.

Kitchen – living – dining

Open room concept of connecting the kitchen, dining, and the living room.

Walk in closet


Credits to Interior decorating ideas pro

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