Bookworms Will Love These 7 Outstanding Bookshelves That Display Their Beloved Books Beautifully

by Candyse

Book lovers will know the struggle of storing and keeping their beloved books in pristine condition, making sure that their tomes are displayed well and easily accessible. There are so many bookshelves out there sometimes you can be spoilt for choice into choosing which one is suitable for your home. In fact, there are many unique and special bookshelves that look good in your home and are functional too. Read on to get some inspiration for your home.

1. Snowflake Shape Bookshelf

This bookshelf is shaped like a snowflake and this is great for awkward corners as it can save space. Some of the smaller compartments can be used to put knickknacks as well.


2. Vertical Bookshelf

Bookshelves don’t have to be bulky, as evidenced by this thin shelf. Magazines can also be placed inside this shelf as well.


3. Floating Bookshelf

This bookshelf looks pretty cool because it can be used for awkward corners as well. You can adjust the height as you wish, depending on the books you plan to store.


4. Invisible Bookshelf

This futuristic shelf looks like your books are floating on air but it’s actually just simple physics at work. It’s a definite conversation starter and would make your home look really cool.


5. L-Shaped Bookshelf

Have any weird corners that are just sitting there taking up premium real estate in your home? Then you should try this bookshelf. It’s also awesome because you can add a cosy seat there to curl up and read your books.


6. Curved Barrel Bookshelf

An eye-catching addition to your home, this bookshelf can be used for both your books and any interesting knickknacks you have to display. The curved shape is attention-grabbing and will make your guests envious.


7. Stacked V-Shape Bookshelf

Another vertical bookshelf that doesn’t take up much space, this V-shaped one can store quite many books for such a slim bookcase. It’s unobtrusive but looks stylish at the same time.


Depending on which room you plan to have your bookshelves, they can be part of your wall decor with ease. They usually come in affordable price range and standard designs. All you will need to do is arranging them according to your style. You will be surprised that these creative bookshelves actually work in decorating your room easily.

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