Bought a New Home? Here’s 10 Home Appliances Which Makes Your Life Easier

by HDM Editor Team

After getting the keys to your house, you felt excited to check out the new place of yours which you can rightfully call home.

But wait, there are still some important puzzles missing from picture. In order to start your new daily life at your house, you would need some essential tools to help your out.

Here’s 10 Home Appliances / Checklist for you to get by everyday with ease:

1) The Refrigerator / Fridge


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Food is an important aspect in our life. In order to get your food fresh, it’s always important to store them in a nice, refrigerate environment so that you can retrieve them whenever you want if you are feeling hungry.

2) Washing Machine


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This, like the refrigerator, is a must in every household. You will obviously be wanting to keep yourself clean and respectable for work or social events. It can also help get rid of any stains you might suffer.

You won’t want to wear a smelly shirt and pants for your date right?

3) Kitchen Stove

full_kitchen with stove

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Whenever you are hungry, grab something from your refrigerator and just cook it on your kitchen stove with ease.

4) Air Conditioning



Weather in Malaysia is hot and humid. Sometimes it doesn’t rain for months and the heat is unbearable. In order to live comfortably in your home, try installing some air conditioning so that you can sleep peacefully without sweating.

5) Water Heater


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In Malaysia, there is no 4 seasons like in other Western countries. But it is no fun to take your bath early in the morning. Install a water heater and it will definitely make your morning bath much more bearable

6) Water Filter


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Many Homes in Malaysia installed water filter as the water from taps are not drinkable. By investing a good water filter for your home, you can drink quality H2O for the sake of your healthy body.

7) Cooling Fan


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Temperature in Malaysia are quite high as we are considered a tropical nation. Therefore it’s always important to install fans around your home so that your body can be cooled at all times.

8) Television with Home Theater System


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It is always enjoyable to be able to watch movies/drama at your home for entertaining purpose. If you have extra cash, you can invest on a good home theater system to further enhance your movie experience.

9) Vacuum Cleaner


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Don’t you hate it when you need to clean up your house every week ?

By using a vacuum cleaner, you will definitely finish your job in no time

10) Microwave Oven


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An alternative to your kitchen oven is a microwave oven which can be used efficiently when you need to have a simple snack or to heat up something to eat quickly.

Bonus: 11) Air Purifier


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The air quality hasn’t been good recently. To prevent yourself from falling sick, it’s good to get an air purifier for allergies for your home.

Bonus 12) Coffee Machine


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What’s better to start off your day with a cup of coffee? Perfect for coffee drinkers who want their addiction cured everyday.

Do let us know which home appliances else is important to you 🙂

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