Bring Your Home Alive With Colourful Sofa Living Rooms

by Justin Chew

One of the things that should stand out in your living room is the sofa. It is the centrepiece of your whole living room, should it stands to reason that it should be the items which stands out first and stands out the most. So why not let it be colourful? After all, that is natures way of making things stand out.

1. Stand Out

A lot of the time, the things which stand out the most, tend to be the things that draw our attention. In a situation where there are multiple things all fighting for attention, this can be a good thing. When there is a primary point of focus the brain process what it sees easier.

2. It Blends


It’s true that contrasting something is the easiest way to make something stand out. But contrasting colours can be risky and often times damaging. And we definitely do not want that. So to lower the risk of things going wrong, why not go for a blending option? Somethings that stands out enough, but still matches with the rest of the scene.

3. Compliment


This is a blend of both contrast and blending in. In a way, it is the greater balance between the two opposing ideas. This can seem difficult to pull off at first. A good way to go about it would be to stick to the primary colours. Those are able to contrast and still compliment one another.

4. Colourful Room, Colourful Sofa


Contrary to what was earlier discussed this example is a sea of vibrant colours. Funnily enough, it still works. True the sofa doesn’t stand out as much, but the room as a whole seems to demand to be seen and felt. There is a sense of beauty in apparent chaos, this could be one such way.

5. Multicoloured


Who said you had to stick to one colour? Having different coloured sofas could actually be an advantage. If you think about it if one set of furniture is one colour, but another is a different colour, wouldn’t the different one stand out? Of course, this requires a bit of conceptualization, but if you can see it than you’d get it.

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