Caffeine Might Actually Be Making You More Tired, Here’s Why

by Justin Chew

Have you been feeling very tired lately, even after you’ve had a coffee? It could be that coffee actually depletes your body and zaps your energy instead of boosting it.

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The caffeine found in coffee, tea, soda, diet soda, chocolate, and some medications is a stimulant, activating the sympathetic nervous system. This means that in the short term, caffeine can increase energy and focus but also (depending on the dose consumed and the person) increase heart rate, blood pressure, and irritability.

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Increasing the sympathetic activity in your body is not always a bad thing. The problem comes when once we activate our sympathetic nervous system repeatedly and not giving our body adequate time to rest.

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When we do this, we’re putting stress on our body and our hormones. Since caffeine is a stimulant, it can help with energy in the short term, but with chronic excessive use, it could be depleting your energy.

Everyone metabolizes caffeine differently, and it has everything to do with the genes you inherit. There are slow caffeine metabolizers and fast caffeine metabolizers. Depending on which you are, your body will either be able to handle quite a bit of caffeine at one time or it will be really sensitive to it.

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It explains why some people can have a cup of coffee after dinner and fall fast asleep a few minutes later while others would be anxious and up all night.



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