Cool Blue Villa Is The Perfect Holiday Home That Will Make You Never Want To Leave

by Candyse

Most of us wish that we could always live in a holiday villa and this awesome home in Marbella, Spain is modelled after a gorgeous holiday home surrounded by the Mediterranean sea. Every room in this house is unique and will make you feel like you never want to leave so let us show you the deets that will give you serious house envy!

This villa is designed by 123DV Modern Villas and is known as Cool Blue Villa located on a piece of one-hectare land that looks simply astonishing. As the name suggests, the owners plan to retire and spend the rest of their days here happily ever after so it’s no wonder that they made it so awesome.

Cool Blue Villa consists of six bedrooms and includes a panoramic view of the sea without compromising with privacy but still has a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It has three storeys so there is plenty of space for the designers to play with and away from prying eyes, the other side of the home has its very own glass-walled swimming pool that looks super Insta-worthy.

The designers use a lot of white to make the space look even airier and incorporates lots of natural elements such as water features and natural materials. They also dreamed up a more modern and contemporary look for the house with the minimalistic decor and lots of visual interest in geometrical designs. Glass is also used liberally in the home to make the space look more open and it meshes really well with the rest of the decor.

The bedroom looks both comfy and stylish with white bedding for that hotel room feel you crave but some personal touches are added with the headboard wall. Featuring a cool blue colour and some edgy street art vibes, you can bet that no one will ever say that the villa’s bedrooms are boring.

Now, this is a home that we can spend the rest of our days in a happy daze! Although we might not have such a holiday home, we can still take inspiration from this striking example.

All images from Trendir unless otherwise stated.

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