Decorating Your First House

by Eugene Kok

Recently I mentioned on another article, one of my friend purchased a new house, 4 room HDB (3 bedroom and 1 living room) for about half a million SGD which is close to a million ringgit. Like most first time house buyers which I was previously, I had a million ideas on how to decorate my house into my very own castle. However there is a limitation how I would love my first house to be, I will try to evaluate those in another article. Here are 5 best tips on how to decorate your first house with limited resources. Richfag please hire a interior designer to boost the economy, they are earning peanuts.


1. Stick to a neutral palette – We can’t stress this one enough. Sticking to a neutral colour palette will enable you to change the look and feel of your space more easily and means you don’t have to repaint every time you want to change things up or with each new season. A neutral colour palette is versatile, chic and simple. There are over 180 shades of white paint available giving you more than enough choice and it’s far from boring. Think China white, Chantilly lace, Pearl lusta and Chalk white. White is the perfect backdrop to showcase your furniture and décor and ensures they get the attention they deserve. This go-to neutral pairs perfectly with every shade, but don’t underestimate its power to stand alone.

2. It’s all about texture & interest – Texture adds sensory richness. The rule of thumb when decorating with white is to use textures to create layers of comfort to avoid it looking cold and flat. It’s also a good rule to remember when decorating in general. It’s the little details that create interest and depth. In the bedroom, use throws or blankets on your bed and on your favourite chair, add a lovely cushion. In a living room where there is more space to fill generally, consider adding piles of books topped with a lamp or lovely glass cut bowl filled with objects next to a chair to create a cozy nook.

3. Invest in hero pieces – Every room needs a hero piece. A hero piece is the main focus or statement in a room so in your living room it may be your sofa and in your bedroom, probably your bed. Getting these key pieces right is the most important part of successful interior design so it makes sense to choose these items carefully and if your budget allows, to spend a little more on acquiring them. Keeping your hero piece in mind will be an automatic filter when you see items and bargains for sale. All you need to ask yourself is “will it go with my hero piece?”

4. Accessorizing is key – Accent items are like the icing on a cake. Without them, a room can feel empty and bland. You’ll be surprised how many accent pieces you already have in your home that you might not be using so it doesn’t always mean you have to spend money.  Re-think items you currently have. Could you change things around for a new look? Try a different cushion on your bed. Changing your accent pieces as the seasons change is a great way to keep things looking fresh.

5. Have fun! – Perhaps the most valuable piece of advice is to have fun with your decorating and personalize the space. Use objects that have meaning to you and reflect your personality. Think trinkets obtained from travels or favorite items bought. It only takes a little imagination.

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