Distic Apartment in Ara Damansara is The Perfect Example of a Modern & Classy Dual Key Unit

by Candyse

Dual key apartments are getting more popular these days as it is essentially two apartments side by side but cost much cheaper than buying two units. Usually, places like these are suitable for people who are planning to rent out one of the units or a young couple living with their parents and would like some privacy at home.

This dual key unit located at Aragreens Residences at Ara Damansara has been given a transformation by Fabian Tan Architect for a young man who is living with his parents. The project is known as Distic Apartment and the idea was to create a modern, welcoming family home in this busy neighbourhood.

One of the things that the architects did was to create some hidden depth in the wall that separates the dual key units to make it look more distinctive. They used seamless linear elements of wood, marble and light to create the effect of lengthening the unit which is short in width. As this wall undulates around the living room area, it showcases different depths of niche and hidden storage for an interesting focal point in the room.

The units have similar influences and look almost like twins but take a closer look and you will notice that there are differences. Both units have a similar palette of light and dark neutral colours that makes it look homey and the liberal use of wood elements against a white background completes the look.

A large window at the main living room allows the natural light to stream in while a cosy window seat is there for anyone who wants to chill and enjoy the view out there. There is a bigger kitchen here with a custom made kitchen table that can be changed from a breakfast table to a proper dining table when the family is having their meals. Above, the futuristic light illuminates the table.

Meanwhile, in the studio unit, darker neutrals on a white background are used and here, the client has the advantage of having an actual balcony while the little kitchenette means he can prepare his own meals if he wants to do so. Thick, plush rugs soften the harshness of the sleek lines and make the home look comfy.

All images are taken from Fabian Tan Architect’s website unless otherwise stated.

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