DIY Tips : 12 Top Wall Paint Ideas for Your Home

by Candyse

Your home looks boring and dull, so you want to perk it up a little, well, there’s a really easy way for you to do so. Just change the colours of the paint on your wall and soon, you will be the proud owner of a stunning and beautiful home. And if you don’t know what colour to paint your walls, here are some great ideas to get you inspired for paint shopping.

1. Orange and yellow walls

You might think that painting these contrasting colours will make your room look cluttered and messy but you’ll be surprised at the effect. Keep the furniture neutral coloured and you will have a warm and inviting room in no time. Before you begin to tackle a large painting job yourself, you really ought to consider bringing in the professionals first. The likes of Quality Calvary house painting professionals have the tools and the expertise to get it done right with no fuss and no mess. Why risk doing an important piece of interior decorating wrong? A quality and skillfully applied coat of paint could increase the value of your property; plus, attempting it alone could be a severely underestimated undertaking as it’s no small job.


2. Red walls and white floors

Red is a very sharp colour and might not be the first thing you think of when choosing your paint. But it can actually make your room look very bright and cheerful. Pair it with white floors to balance out the bright red and you will have a visually stylish room.


3. Striped paint walls

Walls do not have to be just a plain colour. Sometimes you want to make some simple designs to make your room look more sophisticated. Try out something easy like making a simple striped pattern on the wall in complementing colours.


4. Leaf green paint

They say staring at green, leafy things is good for the eyes, while you may not reap the same benefits by painting your room green, it does make it look more outstanding. Decorate your room with some beige and green furniture to match your cool paint job.


5. Purple walls

We all know that purple is considered to be the colour of royals, so what better paint to use when you want to feel all like a member of the royal family? Make things more interesting by using various shades of purple in your room.


6. Chevron patterns

Another pattern you can consider to break away from boring walls is to paint them in a chevron pattern. Make sure you paint them in a colour combination that will match easily with the rest of the room’s decor otherwise it will end up clashing heavily.


7. Ombre walls

Ombre patterns can be seen everywhere, from hair, nails, clothes and even makeup. Why not incorporate that into your paint as well? It will make your room look really trendy and stylish!


8. Colour blocking on walls

Love colours but can’t settle on using only one colour for your room? Why not use them all? Use the colour blocking technique to make your room a happy, cheerful place to be. It also makes your room look totally unique. Just remember to paint thin white frames around each block to make the colour more outstanding.


9. Colourful rectangles

This is a great idea to use for a nursery or basically any room in your house that you want to make more stylish. Look around the room and find the colours that you use the most. Paint rectangles according to the range of colours you have gathered and you will have the coolest room ever.


10. Polka dotted walls

White walls are the most basic and bland walls that any room can have. While it matches anything you put in the room, sometimes you want to switch things up. A really simple way to do so is by painting dots in a matching colour scheme and watch as your boring room transforms.


11. Glow in the dark designs

Bring the stars and constellations into your home with this cool painting idea! All you need for a starry room is glow in the dark wall paint and stencils to bring your inner astrologer to life. This is perfect for little ones’ rooms but we say go for it if you love the idea for your own room.


12. Customise paint roller

Nowadays, you can buy paint rollers that have patterns already etched on them to get that wallpaper effect without splurging on expensive wallpaper. It’s as simple as using conventional paint rollers and gets you that artistic design you always wanted.


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