DIY Tips: Top Things To Remember While Painting A Wall (Tips and Hacks)

by Candyse

Planning to refresh the boring decor in your home a little over the weekend? Why not try a simple paint job on the walls which is inexpensive and can instantly give a whole new look to your home? But then painting walls can be a rather tedious job and you are dreading doing it by yourself. Don’t worry, read on for some tips to make painting your walls an easy task. If you’re really dreading the painting job, you can find a painter who can provide full coverage painting for you. Full coverage painting Brisbane is just one example of a painter who can paint a home from top to bottom, providing full coverage on each wall. Perhaps try it yourself, and if it alls goes wrong, you know a professional painter is only a phone call away.

1. Line your paint tray with a plastic bag or aluminum foil

Cleaning the paint tray whenever you want to change the colour or after you have done painting can be a hassle. Make your life easier by wrapping your tray with a plastic bag or a piece of aluminum foil and whip it off when you are done. Easy as pie!


2. Create your paint brush

Don’t you hate it when you have spaces on the wall that are especially hard-to-reach with the paint roller that you bought? Just DIY your paintbrush by getting out the hot glue gun and sticking a paint pad onto a stick to make the painting job much easier.


3. Wrap objects with plastic wrap

Not all objects or furniture can be shifted or moved so the best thing to do to protect them from unwanted paint splatters is to wrap them with some cling film. Just unwrap it after the paint is dry and you have a splatter-free object again.


4. Minimise paint fumes

Those pesky paint fumes got you hating to paint your home? Do you know that you can reduce that odor with some vanilla extract in your paint can? Take out a tablespoon of vanilla extract and put it in your paint can then mix it really, really well. Now when you paint, your home will have a slight vanilla smell instead.


5. Rubber band hack

Want to keep all the paint inside the can instead of using a paint tray? Wrap a thick and long rubber band around the top of your paint can and use the edges of the rubber band to wipe off excess paint. It keeps the rims of the can from getting caked on with paint too!


6. Use a “W” to get even coverage

One of the worst things that can happen to your meticulous paint job is when it drys and you find out that it is uneven. Prevent that from happening by using a “W” pattern to get full and even paint coverage for walls that you’ll love.


7. Use petroleum jelly or chapstick for small areas you don’t want to get paint on

Apply the petroleum jelly in a thick layer on areas such as screws or hinges and proceed to paint as normal. After you have done your painting, just wipe off the petroleum jelly with a paper towel and watch as the paint comes right off. Perfect paint job!


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