Creating your perfect kitchen

by HDM Editor Team

Home interior design is a long and time-consuming process, especially if you are perfectionist. It is inevitable, and somehow necessary, because it is your home for at least ten years. Today, this article is about the kitchen, where you or your wife cooks a fabulous meal for your family. You definitely do not wish that you have overlooked a significant factor to affect your kitchen design, for example the cupboard should be installed higher than the current position.

Consider a few basic questions when you are in the midst of drawing the ideal kitchen layout. It is sure important to avoid against the incident mentioned above. You could not remodel kitchen after all, at least not in short term, because it would cost a large sum of money and time.


1. Know your house

A good plan is born from a good understanding. Do familiar with the electrical, plumbing and other basic structural elements in your house. Everyone wants a budget-efficient kitchen remodeling. Similar goes to window direction. You might curious about the reason since it is not where you sleep or work. Alright, you do cooking work there. How much light coming into your kitchen will help you achieve the energy efficiency, which means that you could save your electricity bill by choosing a right direction to cook and wash.

2. Plan your kitchen works

Everyone uses kitchen for different purposes. Some cook once a week but some cook daily. However, it normally centers around three works, which are cook, clean and store. Even if you do not cook, you would need a place to put your refrigerator to store food and drink. It will also be followed by dividing the kitchen into appropriate zone. For example, cooking will make the space oilier and so you might want to separate it out from serving area. As your bathroom, you should make a borderline between dry and wet zone. Example of dry zone is where you put your cookware, dishware and utensil. On the other hand, wet zone is where your kitchen sink is.

3. Define your kitchen view

What do you want to look at when doing all these works? For a housewife, kitchen is your kingdom. You want to look after your small kids when you are cooking. You want to look at the outside view when you are cleaning. Therefore, a good kitchen layout will indirectly make your work easier and lesser burdensome too.