Futuristic living rooms that are extraordinary

by HDM Editor Team

Jump out from the ordinary living room

Take one-minute look around your existing living room. A set of sofa is sitting in the center while a coffee table with newspapers on above is in front of the flat screen television. You might have a stylish carpet to floor the living room. Alright, you feel bored because of the conventional furniture arrangement.

The idea of transforming into an extraordinary living room should be more creative. If not, how could it being crowned with extraordinary?

1. Cinema-styled living room


Rather than spending money to an up class theater, you are more willing to rot yourself at home to munch popcorn while enjoying the television series. Allowing yourself to enjoy home theater experience, you could let it be a theme to design your living room. To get the best experience from your home theatre, investing in something like a budget subwoofer could help improve the sound quality. It would not require you to buy expensive advanced entertainment equipment. The decent one is more than enough. Other than that, a red-velvet curtain can illustrate the draperies. Sticking movie posters, according to your favorite movie types, on the wall will perfectly give a classic feeling. You may wish to buy a spotlight floor lamp, if it is within your budget, to make it as nearly alike as a theater.

2. French countryside-styled living room

It could be anywhere rather than our picked France. Only that France is more vintage and romantic in this sense. For this design theme, you could focus more on the icy pastel color palette, such as pale pink, lavender, light yellow and sky blue. Pick your furniture and fittings made by wood, bamboo or other unique materials. Think it as a garden. It is the guideline that could lead you on the cottage track. A hand-painted portrait or picture on the wall would be a great addition to it.

3. Summer beach-styled living room

No matter which season you are in, you could stay in a tropical living room by decorating it in summer theme. No, it is not about hot, sunny weather. A restful feeling, as when you are enjoying the wind breeze, is the ultimate purpose of this theme. No doubt, ocean blue is the choice. You could mix with other colors, such as tan, green and white. It is clean and clear. It is the best if you do not mind to collect some seashells, glasses, driftwoods and so on to display appropriately in your living room. A wood coffee table would suit the theme well. To play a trick, you could put a large mirror to reflect your living room and also make it visually more spacious.