Gardening for Small Houses

by Eugene Kok

In need of some fresh interior decorating ideas? Lush green plants and sweet-smelling flowers always add a touch of elegance to your home and can help brighten up the room.

Here are three DIY plant projects to try.

Mini Terrariums

Have a spare fishbowl or a few mason jars hanging around your home? Put them to use and create mini terrariums to place on your mantelpiece or on the window sill.

All you need is a glass bowl, jar or container, rocks, charcoal, dirt, plants such as spider fern, selaginella, pilea and black mondo grass, moss and trinkets of your choice.

Place the rocks at the bottom, then scatter over some charcoal to help absorb the terrarium’s decaying materials, then top with soil.

Plant your choice of grasses and succulents, then water and seal (if you’re using a sealable jar or container.)



Low maintenance succulents make perfect indoor plants and can be used to decorate your living areas, kitchens, bedrooms and window sill.

You can either line your window sill up with a collection of succulents such as echeveria, aeonium, Jade plant, aloe vera and panda plant.

Decorate your sunroom or kitchen with hanging succulents, draping it along the wall. You can even choose to attach your plants to your fairy lights, to add character and provide a gorgeous backdrop for your evening meals with friends.


Indoor Water Garden

A simple indoor water garden can really liven up your living areas, with small fish bowls, pitchers and vases making the perfect home for these plants.

Put substrate, rich in nutrients, at the bottom of your clear container, as well as sand and pebbles. Place a lid on top of this layer to prevent water becoming too muddy and murky when it’s poured in.

Slowly add fresh water, and then remove the lid. Proceed to add your choice of plants (which may include water hyacinth, lotus, water lily and anubias), digging a small well in the substrate to place your plant then cover with substrate and pebbles.

Pour in the rest of your water – while it may be a little murky to start with, this should begin to clear once settled.

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