Get Inspired With These Tall Curtain Living Rooms To Bring Elegance To Your Home

by Justin Chew

Curtains are the complementary attributes that make a living room complete. This is especially true for those homes with higher ceilings. These require curtains tall enough to match the height of the room. Check out these ideas of you can decorate your home with the right style.

1. Brave Black

Dark and black colours don’t always give off a brooding effect as you would imagine. In fact quite the opposite, they have been known to deliver a sense of elegance and strength. Needless to say, a darker shade does help draw the attention to the centre of the living room.

2. Soft White

White tones are often paired with lighter tone themes and furniture. White tones can bring about a sense of natural cleanliness that it is prized for. If Black delivers elegance, then White bring sophistication and poise. They also work exceptionally well in environments that see a lot of light.

3. Corner Drapes

Let’s talk about style next. Usually, fabric is the preferred material as it offers a number of colours and designs. The choice of fabric has an essential role in curtain’s tailoring. Having the curtains draping at an angled corner, help add texture and boldness to the overall feel of the living room.

4. Be Diversed

Not everything needs to be static or in a single form. Some things benefit more from a diversity effect. Romantic and charming curtains can also supply you with the chance to utilize your imagination and make sure your little one grows up surrounded by love and attention.

5. Heavy Set

Usually, curtains need double drape, in order to present the ideal effect. So with that in mind, don’t be shy to use more material than needed for your curtains. Having a heavy set helps to draw attention back to the centre of the living room.  Do note that you might also need to begin the curtain simply from the centre height of the window.

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