Going For Vacation? 7 Simple Tricks To Convert Your Home Into Vacation House

by Ralf

It has been a long year for 2015, many of us have worked extra hard to support our lives in terms of food, lodging and other expenses. All of us just want a refreshing vacation so that we can embrace ourselves to welcome the year of 2016. Some of us are lucky enough to be able to head off on a grand adventure overseas with the help of a company like 2GO, so we can just relax on a beach somewhere. Our wish is to take some time off and wander into a nice, cosy vacation house to relax our mind, body and soul.

However, this might caused a large hole in your wallet and increase your existing financial burden. If you are financially stable to be able to buy a vacation home, do it! You’d have to look into taxes on vacation homes and everything else surrounding it though, as buying a property like this is different compared to a residential home. But it would be worth it. Although if you are more streetwise with your spending, such as trying to find the cheapest broadband deals, then it could be more affordable. If that’s not the case, why don’t we just step up our game and decorate our home into your dream vacation house?

You might be surprised by just utilizing the 7 simple tricks of home decorating, everybody is able to own their ultimate vacation house with minimal costs.

1. White Paint Base

white theme wall

It isn’t rocket science, but white colour bring out light, purity, and goodness. It is also considered the colour of perfection. Give a simple white paint makeover for your home and you will amazed with the amount of relaxation and calm achieved by gazing into them.

2. Large Windows

Large Windows

Even wonder why vacation houses tend to have large windows installed? By having large windows, sunlight is able lighten up your room with natural lighting. Having a bright room will definitely improve your mood for the day, making everything you do sails smoothly

3. Bookshelves


One of the key activities to do during your holiday is to feed your soul with knowledge and information. Having collection of book in your bookshelves could do the trick. By having bookshelves, you will tend to visit the local book stores to fill up the space with books you always wanted to read.

4. Lazy Chair or Chaise Lounge

chaise lounge

My favourite place to be is my personal lazy chair or chaise lounge. Nothing feels much more pleasure than hanging out by the lazy chair, flipping through television programmes while having a chill beer in hand.

5. The Bathtub

J110071 IB3

Drawing inspiration from movies, having a bathtub is consider luxury and a must-have for vacation house. You could relax by the bathtub reading books or watching television. You can complement the experience by having aroma scent candles around your bathroom, providing more relaxation as what vacation house does.

6. White Theme Bedroom

white bedroom

I always sleep like a baby in hotel beds because they are very comfortable. One of the key reason is having white bed sheets and quilt cover. The white colour brings out the calm feeling which improves your sleeping experience. However having white theme bedroom means the room is prone to get dirty if not maintained properly.

7. Extra Pillows For Sofa

extra pillow sofa

Napping is consider luxury and must-do during your stay at vacation house. By having extra pillows by the sofa, you can indulge in this wonderful activity and nap through the afternoon with breeze.

Let us know in the comment below on what else can also be used to decorate your home into the perfect getaway vacation house.

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