Gorgeous Small Apartment Design Which Will Meld Your Heart

by Beverly

Small does not mean you can’t enhance your home in a big way.

A modest studio apartment that equips with the essentials of a living, kitchen, dining, sleeping area, and a bathroom interchanges into a laundry room only to be separated by concrete walls.

All three apartment have something in common other than them being miniature, is that it would fit 2 people just fine with maybe a baby but on the up side, you do not have to walk to far from each furniture. The perfect size for laziness.

Apartment 01:

Presented as modern and cozy accompany soothing color palettes of white, grey, and black, with wooden flooring. Shelve in the living area interchanges into a bed when you needed to rest and changes back into a shelve when you leave. The use of compelling lighting for the living and dining area just wraps up the place with a good vibe alongside the dark themed bathroom that don’t feel crammed.

Credits to Interior decorating ideas pro

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