Gorgeous Wall TV Design Which Will Beautify Your Home

by Beverly

No, it’s not enough anymore to just plant your television set in its planned for space and hope it makes everything look better on its own! Don’t just settle for plain or bare, have a look at these ideas for your own home.

Rather hotel or office lobby-esque yet eye-catching and fresh-feeling. Here, an open compartment with concealed lighting in the wall is made especially for the TV and its other accessories. The color choice of matching black adds space to the wall, and a little desk plant prevents the room from feeling too flat and sterile. The light blue wall paneling adds grace to the room, with a very minimalist wall clock to tie to all together nicely.

You’ll be surprised at how far even a small addition makes! Here, the TV is made to look like a piece of wall décor or painting itself by mounting in against a framed wall fixture that matches the rest of the paintings lined up along with it. A faux fireplace is situated below it in matching black that adds harmony, continuity, and warm comfort.

Reminiscent of the 60s and of Japan, this wall-mounted TV set is placed against a backdrop of bamboo or light wooden panelling, lined up thin and closely together to become the centrepiece of the room, and contrast with the lack of patterning all around. Black AND white accessories adorn the black and white marble table that sits below the TV which funnily ties together the sudden addition of bone white elements in the room with the abundance of black.


Pictures taken from Interior decorating ideas pro

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