Have Blank Walls? Try these 10 Beautiful DIY Wall Decorations

by Candyse

The conventional things we usually use to beautify the walls in our home is to hang up photo frames and paintings. But there are actually so many more gorgeous creations that you can hang or create on your wall to make your home more lovely. Instead of staring at the empty walls in your home, try out these wonderful decorations.

1. Frame a Beautiful Wallpaper or Fabric Sample You Like

Tired of those boring old photos or paintings you have? Get those leftover fabric or wallpaper samples from a shop and frame it up. instant wall hangings that are cheap and super easy to make.


2. Repurpose An Old Window

Changing the windows in your house or have some old windows lying around? Turn them into a beautiful vintage looking photo frame instead. No more bland photo frames that do no justice to your charming home.


3. DIY Art From Poster Boards

It’s super simple to make some new artworks for your blank walls. Just get some poster board, cut out the desired shapes and sizes you want then spray paint them in the colours that you like, or use a different technique such as making artsy paintings for the room. After that, just glue them firmly onto a piece of canvas and frame it up.


4. Attach Sequins On Your Walls

This is an awesome idea if you love sparkly and shiny things. What better way to instantly perk up a boring room than by covering the wall with glittery sequins? But be warned, this is only for the bold and daring!


5. Use Foil Tape to Create Designs

If your budget doesn’t run to wallpaper it doesn’t matter, because now there is a way cheaper method for you to get that wallpapered look on your wall. Just draw on some designs on your wall and get foil tape to start taping to your heart’s desire.


6. Constellation Art

The bright, twinkling stars in the night sky are dazzling and delightful. But living in urban areas means the light pollution doesn’t allow us to see as much stars as we like. That’s okay, because now you can create your own constellations with some canvas and string lights. Poke random holes in a constellation design you like on the canvas and then stick the bulbs of the string lights through the holes for instant stars.


7. Utilise those Artistic Instagram Photos

Have many beautiful and creative photos of scenery lurking in your phone? Put them to good use and print it out to use as a unique wall clock. The clock machinery can be bought from any good DIY store easily.


8. Make Use of Quirky Plates

Bet you never thought that plates have another function and can actually be used to dress up your wall! Get some cheap and funky plates from the store in cool designs and arrange them any way you fancy. This statement wall art will be a definite conversation starter.


9. Buttons Wall Art

Another everyday item that you never thought could be used to create some of the most original artworks you have ever seen. Collect those loose buttons lying around and start forming a pattern on a piece of canvas, a wood panel or any material you deem suitable.


10. DIY Wall Lamp

Have an inspirational quote you love or just simply like a certain shape? Make a wall lamp to hang on your wall and add some ambiance into your room. For example, if you want to remind your loved ones of your devotion, create this lovely heart wall lamp with a string of red LED lights, a foam board and some tape. Personalise it as you see fit with the addition of more lights and a larger foam board.


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