Home Cleaning Hack: Window Cleaning Made Easy

by Eugene Kok

Hi readers, lately I have been running outta ideas on what to write. Until of course lately, one of my friend bought a small stool from Ikea Kota Damansara. His problem was always removing annoying price tags stickers without damaging the aesthetic of the stool. So for this week I will furnish you with a long list of cleaning hack that works.


Stunning views at the family cottage can turn dull through windows beaten by Old Man Winter. Harsh temperatures and strong winds mean thick dust, dirt, and minor scratches. It’s also useful to get a window cleaning company a few times a year, particularly if you are busy working. However, if you would prefer to do it all yourself, follow these easy steps for renewing your squeaky window. If your windows need replacing, rather than a good clean, it’s better to do this as soon as you notice they’re damaged.


1 Start on the exterior. Cool, cloudy days are best for window cleaning, as the sun can dry the cleaning solution before you wipe it off, leaving streaks.

2 Dip a sponge into a bucket that contains equal parts white vinegar and hot water. Thoroughly scrub down the window pane and frame. Rinse the sponge.

3 Wet the rubber blade of a squeegee with cold water. Working from an upper corner, pull down firmly in a straight line. Wipe the blade clean with the sponge and repeat, drawing another vertical line that slightly overlaps the first. Continue moving across the window until the whole surface has been squeegeed.

4 Wipe the window frame dry with a microfibre cloth.

5 Working on the inside, lay a towel along the windowsill to avoid a mess. Using a spray bottle with the same homemade mix or your favourite store bought brand, spritz the window pane. Repeat step 3, this time using horizontal instead of vertical strokes.

6 Clean the window frame with a damp microfiber cloth.

7 For any minor scuffs, squeeze white toothpaste onto a microfibre cloth and buff them out using a circular motion. Wipe off the toothpaste and spot clean.