Home Cleaning Hacks: Clearing Annoying Price Tag Stickers

by Eugene Kok

Hi readers, lately I have been running outta ideas on what to write. Until of course lately, one of my friend bought a small stool from Ikea Kota Damansara. His problem was always removing annoying price tags stickers without damaging the aesthetic of the stool. So for this week I will furnish you with a long list of cleaning hack that works.

Shopping therapy nirvana is easily destroyed when your new home decor accessory has a price sticker attached to it with a nuclear-grade hold. Here’s how to get that sucker off without any sticky residue.


1 A little heat can go a long way: Use a hair dryer to warm and loosen the glue beneath the sticker. When choosing the heat setting and how close to hold the nozzle, be mindful of the material of your purchase and any finish on its surface. In many cases, the sticker should lift right off without any residue.

2 If step 1 doesn’t get the job done, immerse your item in hot water for a few minutes. Using a plastic razor blade (a credit or library card will also do), scrape the sticker off.

3 For any leftover sticky residue, you’ll have to get a bit messier to get things totally clean. Oil-based substances, such as peanut butter (smooth, not chunky), mayonnaise or cooking oil, are the best for battling glue remnants. Using a paper towel, smear on a generous amount and scrub until all the glue is gone.

4 Wash the item thoroughly with soap and water.

5 Style, admire and feel the nirvana resurge through your body.