Insanely Beautiful Muted Pastel Colour For Your Dream Apartment

by Beverly

4 modest apartments to highlight the key features of using muted pastel colors as their base.

Pastel colors: Reside part of the pale side of the color family which described as washed out, soft, milky, near neutral, soothing, and lack strong chromatic volume.

Muted colors: Colors blended with white or black making outcome of the mixed color darker or brighter. Not all colors can turn darker or brighter when fused so popular use of colors becoming muted are green, blue, grey, and red.

These 4 choices are chosen carefully to flaunt the use of muted pastel brilliantly.


Apartment 1: Pictures of dining, kitchen and living areas all featuring a mix bag of styles yet remain compliant to the main colors being used (white and muted green) with a tint of wooden elements and a scant of the white exposed brick wall.


Apartment 2: Pictures of dining, kitchen and living areas displaying a simplistic modernism with applying mainly white and grey hues fused with wooden elements and elevating patterned flooring and wall tiles.


Credits to Interior decorating ideas pro

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