Inspirational Aircraft Home with a Nordic Touch

by Beverly

Located in Tainan City, Taiwan, Hao Design has initiated a fusion of aviation and traditional themes for those who have a passion for planes. Aircraft and airport elements are introduced throughout the house as requested by the owner. Upon request, the two concepts were taken into consideration: airplanes and airports, and a homely style. Blending these combinations together with an ensemble of Nordic motifs resulted in a modern-contemporary, industrial, warm, and sheltered aura. Evidently, applying the Nordic motifs have amplified the interior’s detailing in a positive way.

Other cool features include a metal sliding door that hides the bathroom from public eyes, minimally induced industrial details that were put aside for the bedroom, and the innovative shelving units lodged into innovative places.

Sky blue walls, white bricks, and the natural lighting from the wide squared windows furnish the home with warm sunlight and coziness. The harmonious union of the aviation décor and wooden themes spread throughout the house greets its dwellers upon entry.


Pictures Source: SouInprInprirationalrce

Photography by Joey Liu

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