It Looks Like A Tiny House. Step Inside And You Will Be Truly Amazed

by HDM Editor Team


The Alps is always breathtaking with its spectacular view. What makes this much more amazing is a tiny house situated in Austria, designed by Peter Jungmann.   The tiny house is only 45 square feet in size but the design inside is absolutely beautiful.

The house is called Uvogel, which is a combination of “UFO” and “Vogel”, which means  bird in German

strange-tiny-house2 SONY DSC SONY DSC

It looks small from the outside, but when you looked inside…

strange-tiny-house5 strange-tiny-house6 strange-tiny-house7 strange-tiny-house8 strange-tiny-house9

Unforgettable, unbelievable yet simple overwhelmed this house completely, leaving people speechless upon arriving to this house

strange-tiny-house10 strange-tiny-house11 strange-tiny-house12 strange-tiny-house13

strange-tiny-house14 strange-tiny-house15

The cool part above this house is, Uvogel is rent-able year around. Wow.

strange-tiny-house18 strange-tiny-house17 strange-tiny-house16

I really want to stay in this house for holidays right now!


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