Leave A Note Handy With These Simple DIY Washi Tape Clothespin Magnets

by Justin Chew

Need a little extra help with decorating your fridge? Well, the outside of your fridge at least. And if you’re also the sort that loves to hang notes on your fridge then this DIY is simply perfect for you. Washi Tape Clothespin Magnets! In case you wondering, washi tape is similar to masking tape but with pretty colours and designs.

Items And Directions:
– Washi Tape (Have several for more designs)
– Clothespins
– Glue
– Magnets (Stick and peel type recommended)
– Sizzors

Step 1

First, select what the design of your clothespin magnet will be. Go through your Washi tapes and pick the design your like. Then just cut a length of washi tape to fit the length of the clothespin.

Step 2

Apply your cut bit of Washi tape to the clothespin and align it till it fits neatly. You might have to trim a bit to get it to fit just right.

Step 3

Next cut a piece of magnet, if it isn’t the right size, and stick it onto the back of the clothespin.  If you’re using a peel and stick magnet then it’s easier. If not, just glue the magnet to the other end of the clothespin. And you’re done!

Do remember that they work great for holding notes and checklist, even pictures if you want. Try having different designs. You can find washi tape really inexpensively, about a dollar a roll, get creative!

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