Looking To Decorate Your Wall? Here’s 11 Creative Ways To Do It.

by HDM Editor Team

It’s true that one can know one’s personality through his/her home decoration. Every home owner have their own preferences and liking in terms of what kind of decoration they want for their home, especially wall decoration.

To creatively decorate your wall, you will must choose only one wall or maximum, two walls to work on. Working on one wall will bring strong contract and style against 3 other walls in your home. By working on all of your walls, it will create a messy effect, hence disrupt the overall individualism feeling of your home design.

So choose a big wall, preferably the wall where your sofa leans to or the long wall in your dining hall. Use any of our 11 creative ways to do it and be amazed with the outcome:

1. Paintings and Murals

modern art painting at living room


The most common ways to decorate your wall is to hang up some interesting paintings and murals which you purchased on the internet. Depending on your interest, you can opt to go for modern, traditional or abstract paintings.

2. Wall Sculpture Art

Wall Art Sculpture In Living Room


If you have some extra cash in hand and willing to invest a little bit more on your decoration, you can definitely try to go for wall sculpture art. Wall sculpture art usually is one of its kind and you won’t find the exact kind of art if anyone’s house. However they are usually expensive which you will need to think hard before investing in them.

3. Wall Paint and Wallpaper

Decorative Wallpaper


wall paint ideas for kids


Two of the most trendy things to do on your wall would be either playing around with the component of the wall paint or installing breathe-catching wallpaper to complement your overall home design.

4. Shelves and Cabinets

decorative wall shelves in living room


For me, I would go for Shelves and Cabinets as they are the most cost effective way to decorate my wall. Instead of having wall décor that doesn’t have any value added functionality, shelves and cabinets are much more practical as you can use them to store books, documents and many other things.

5. Photograph Frames

love shape frame wall decor


Who wouldn’t want to relive their happiest moment in life? Although photograph frames are kinda old school in this modern world, they will  definitely put a smile on your face whenever you stop and look at them.

6. Greenery

Natural Green Walls In Living Room


Being close to nature is the main drive behind this wall decoration. Having greenery on your wall decoration not only beautify your place, it also projects a harmonious feeling within your home.

7. Lighting

Wall Lighting Ideas


If you want to create a beautiful contrast on your wall, you can opt to go for creative lighting decoration on your wall. Looks plain during the day, they will only make you amazed and your jaws dropped during the night.

8. Contemporary

USA Map Wall Decoration


Combining modern and elegance concept on your wall, Contemporary is the way to go if you want something different for your home design. Breaking barriers between art and practical, this would be the incoming trend for many years to come.

9. DIY Wall Art

coloured pencil diy wall art 


Specially catered for DIY home owners who prefer to hand craft their own little project. If you are patience and passionate enough to build your own , going DIY might be the best option around for you.

10. Decorative Sticker

decorative wall quote art


Perfect solution for house owners who prefer a fast yet beautiful wall decoration. You will need to survey through hundreds of design and patterns over there before choosing the ultimate decorative sticker for your wall.

11. Wall Panel

Cool Wall Panel Design


Last and not least, my personal favourite is the decorate your wall with wall panel. Consider one of the most modern way to beautify your wall, it creates the perfect combination of style and personality element perfectly integrated with each other


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