Luxurious Lifestyle Mansion Design Which You Will Absolutely Love

by Beverly

A mansion design for book lovers.

Just how anyone could read all those books with a library like that! This is a mansion I would love to own. Not just with mouth gaping architectures, the beguiling stagnant passiveness of it’s interior will leave pin a mental note to work harder for your future.

From a yielding calm use of White as base, blended with monotonous hues of Black and Grey combined with the adoption of wooden interiors brings together a harmonious soothing atmosphere that will not disappoint.

Walking into the wide broad entrance to the spaciously load subtle 2 tiered library that house a balcony, a dining room, a living room, a home office, a kitchen, wine room, bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, and not forgetting its outdoor pool completely surrounded by the natural fragrance of serenity.

This must be heaven.





Dining room




Living room

A cavernous living room with an expended disclosed working area leading out to a welding backyard and outdoor pool.


Outdoor pool






Home office


Wine room



A 2 tiered library from the 1st floor digging into the ground floor of the expendable living room.



Pictures taken from Interior decorating ideas pro

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