Make Some DIY Drip-Paint Pots To Bring Colour To Your Gardening

by Justin Chew

Ever felt like your garden could use a more… more? Why not add some colours to then! A little drip goes a long way as they say. And on these simple clay pot planters, some craft paint can make a real difference indeed upgrading them to something much more. Here’s how to make some DIY Drip-Paint Pots for your garden.

Items And Directions:
– Craft Paint
– Assorted Pots
– Dropcloth

Step 1

Start spilling some paint down from top to bottom. Be as creative with the colour combination as you like. You have your pot either right side up or turn your pot upside down and spill from bottom to top, like in this case.

Step 2

Liberally spill your paint down the sides of your pot. Start with large globs at the rim and let the paint run down the sides organically. The drips should not look forced or intentional.

Step 3

Add another layer colour directly on top of the first glob. This will add weight to the paint and help it drip even more. Continue this with your colours all around the pot, giving it that multi-textual look as well.

Step 4

Lastly, allow your paint to dry completely. When that’s done, you’ll have a colourful DripPaint Pot! Just add a plant and display for everyone to see.

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