Make Your Own Colourful Bookcase In Just 3 Steps! What’s Not To Like?

by Adeline

Are you looking for a unique bookcase that no one ever has? It’s time you make a one of a kind colourful bookcase for yourself so you can display all of your items such as books, your folded clothes or even toiletries. The material and steps are very simple and it can be done within a day, two at most! Are you excited?

What You Need For Colourful Bookcase

  • Crates
  • Spray paint
  • Wood screws
  • Drill


1. Spray paint your crates. It should be dried for at least 4 hours.

2. Assemble the bottom row of your bookshelf and fasten them together using the drill and wood screws. Hack: Install a couple of screws in different places to make sure the bookcase is secure.

3. Arrange the shelves on top and use the same method to hold it all together.

4. Time to fill up the bookcase with your books and tiny d├ęcor!

More Customisations For Your Colourful Bookcase!

See how the others have customized their crate bookshelves! Other than stacking it the usual vertical way, they have made it into a TV table with storage, a kid’s toy box and even a rolling cart.

Feature images from Brit+Co and Pinterest

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